Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Pretty in a Pinch

Pretty In A Pinch
Yikes! You left the house without your cosmetics case (but have a few random makeup items floating around in your purse). Now what? Roll into work sans a stitch of makeup? Or head on that weekend get-away with a bare face? Maybe, if you’re brave (make that really brave). Otherwise try these simple ways to look pretty in a pinch!

Left the house without your lip color?
Look pretty in a pinch: “Take a little cream blush and dab it on your pout,” suggests makeup artist Raychel Wade, owner of Cheek to Chic. “The key is to use it sparingly and create more of a stain rather than a full application.”

Left the house without your blush?
Look pretty in a pinch: “I forget blush all the time,” says Wade. “So I revert back to my grandmother’s trick and pinch my cheeks. After all, it’s about looking flushed and healthy.”  Or bend forward at the waist and tip your head upside down like you are shaking your hair out. Do this for twenty seconds or so and when you come back up, your skin will have a rosy little glow.

Left the house without your mascara? 
Look pretty in a pinch: You may not have anything to swipe on your lashes, but you can still beautify your eyes. Do so by lining the inside of your eyes with black eye liner. “This will give the illusion that your lashes are longer and your eyes will look more intense,” explains Wade.

Left the house without your brow tools?
Look pretty in a pinch: No worries, your brows can still look beautiful. “I was actually in this pinch this weekend when I was away and forgot all my brow tools,” says Wade.  Use a clean tissue to wipe as much product as possible off your mascara wand, then use it to brush your brows.  “A tiny amount of mascara will be left, which will act like a brow gel,” says Wade.  “Even though the mascara is black, there’s so little on the wand that it works perfectly to shape and darken.”

Left the house without your foundation?
Look pretty in a pinch: Simply use concealer as a foundation to even out your complexion.  “Apply it to all the areas needed—under the eyes, around the nose, on your chin and between your eyes—and you are left with even skin without full coverage,” explains Wade.

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Article written by: Michele Bender 

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