Friday, December 30, 2011

Getting a Head Start on Your Year!

Make 2012 your best year yet with some easy tips for staying happy, healthy and stress-free!

1 Organize your clothes!
Ikea Closet
A clean closet will make getting ready each day easier.Start by taking everything out and arranging clothes into "keep," donate" or "maybe" pies. Then invite an honest friend over to help decide on the "maybe" items. Categorize the keepers by colors, style, occasion or season-whatever method you're likely to stick to!

I love the closets/wardrobes from Ikea. They make it easy to key clothes so organize.

2 Sneak exercise into your routine!
Take a walk.

Experts say having regular workouts are a great way to improve your mood. It doesn't mean you have to put in endless time at the gym--- even walking an extra lap around your office or taking the stairs can help.

3 Change up your space!
Give your home a new loo with these quick, budget -friendly ideas.
  • Rearrange furniture- move pieces around or moved them from one room to another to give your space a new feel.
  • Paint Something- Putting a coat of color is a great way to refresh an old table or chair. For a more dramatic approach, paint just one wall. It can create a focal point for a room.  

4 Eat more green!
Experts say that eating a raw-veggie salad will fill you up and help you feel more energized. Get in the habit of having a small salad before lunch or dinner.

I am more of a baby spinach/spinach kinda gal. It has more nutritional value then your typical iceberg lettuce. 

5 Keep a journal!
This one I found at Target, Love Love it.

Keeping a record of your fun memories can increase your overall happiness. So getting to writing. You can keep a journal next to your bed, to jot down recent events that made you feel happy, thankful, or just life changing moments; this way you are able to reflect on them and understand source of the happiness.

6 Laugh it up!

 The simple act of smiling  can help generate positive feelings. So make fun plans with a couple of friends-- or if you're staying in, switch on your favorite funny TV show or movie.

7 just add color!

A bright shade-- even in small doses-- can perk up your mood. Pick up some fresh flowers, add throw pillows or buy a new rug in a vibrant hue.

I am really looking forward to the New Year.

What will you get started with?  Do you have some tips to start off the new year with? 

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Influenster Holiday Voxbox Review: imPress Press-On Manicure

I received my Influenster Holiday VoxBox in the mail. As part of the VoxBox program I was given complimentary products  to try test and share my opinions on them. imPRESS Press-On Manicure by Broadway Nail (Working Girl).

What the Influenster information card has to say about the imPRESS Press-On Manicure by Broadway Nails:
"Introducing imPress, the revolutionary way to apply nail polish!  Featuring advanced technology, you will get a salon-perfect manicure in seconds--simply peel off, press on, and you're done (no drying time!)  imPress comes in 36 colors and patterns, including trendy brights, fun prints, classic darks and animal prints."

I was very excited to learn that my Influenster Holiday VoxBox would include the newest product from Broadway Nails: the imPRESS Press-On Manicure. I am already a fan of Broadway Nails products. In fact, I always keep a package of Broadway Nails Real Life French Nails (as pictured on the right) on hand for a quick, professional looking manicure without having to head to the salon. I love that this particular product comes in Petites since my hands/fingers are on the small size.

I was thrilled to learn that with the imPRESS Press-On Manicure NO GLUE is required!
Cute Packaging
These press-on nails are super easy to use.  The instructions were very simple.

Not much is needed to get started, everything is supplied.

Everything in the kit.

I  did have a bit of issues removing the plastic tab. That was my only issue. It did slow down the process of putting the nails on. They recommend you use the smaller size press-ons (24 total & in 12 sizes) to have the best results, which I did.

Lining up my nails.

The end result was they looked really nice, but I advise no kind of actual work when you have these on. I haven't done any dish washing as of yet. I imagine these well pop off easily. In my experience with press on nails, they are best used for special occasions, like work functions, date nights, etc...

In-conclusion, I would buy these with my own money. They look pretty and are much cheaper (around $8.00) then getting my nails professionally done. Plus these don't seem to damage your nails like the salon ones do. These would be great for weddings, parties, special events, or just around the holidays.

Extra Info:
Retail Price: $5.99 for colors, $7.99 for prints.
Available in 36 colors/patterns
Available at CVS, K-Mart, Walgreens, Walmart, and more.

For a full list of online and in-store retailers, visit, where you can download an exclusive coupon and virtually try on all the colors and patterns!