Thursday, December 8, 2011

Do You Have a Phobia of Lash Curlers

Get Past Your Lash-Curler Phobia
So what if it looks more like a medieval torture device than the ultimate eye-enhancing tool? If you want flirty, fluttery lashes (and who doesn’t?), you’ll have to make fast friends with your eyelash curler. But don’t worry—it’s not nearly as intimidating as it seems. San Francisco-based makeup artist Emily Kate Warren tells us how to master this must-have in minutes.

Get squeaky clean. Always start with freshly-washed lashes. Using a curler after applying mascara makes it easier to break or tear off lashes.

Don’t be shy. Clamp the curler close to the base of your lashes. Load your lashes, squeeze for a few seconds, and gently open.

Stare at yourself. Maintain eye contact with yourself in the mirror, so you’re not blindly squeezing. If you close your eye, you may find that you pull your own lashes out.

Protect your eyelid. Lift your brows slightly when clamping to make sure no excess eyelid skin finds its way into the curler.

Try before you buy. Experiment with different shapes of curlers before buying one. Some have a flatter shape, while others are more curved and round. The right fit for you depends on your eye shape.

Never heat up your lash curler. It heats up superfast, making it too easy to scald your fragile skin and lashes. Ouch!

Article Written By: Karina Giglio

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