Tuesday, March 27, 2012

What's In Your Purse?

I've been carrying a gray bag similar to the Chloe bag pictured below. The Chloe bag has been my dream bag for a moment now, but the price is not my dream price. So, I'll just lust over the bag from afar. What's in my purse, well it's filled with my day to day necessary things, but here is a highlight of some of those things I would like to share:

What's In Your Purse?

What's In Your Purse? by yagirlflo featuring genuine leather handbags
  1. I love,  love this Coach wallet. Okay, wait, I love Coach overall! This soft pink wallet is my favorite, it keeps everything organize, just the way I like it.
  2. Ego Faces Luxury Lipstick in Love Stuck-I love the color, the formula and how long-lasting it is. Ladies you must grab this lipstick.
  3. I get so many ideas running through my head in the day. The best piece advice: write it down. I jot everything down so I can get back to the idea to develop it further. I carry this journal everywhere. 
  4. Do I really have to explain this!
  5. I came across Tiffany & Co sunglasses in a magazine a while back, and fell in love with their design. A girl really feels so Audrey Hepburn wearing these. 
  6. Ego Faces Marbleized Eyeshadow- you never know when you need to turn your look up a notch when leaving work. 
  7. Ego Faces Mascara- good to have in the purse, especially if you are having a minimal makeup day, 2 coats of mascara gives you that wide eye look.  

ChloƩ genuine leather handbag
$1,895 - saksfifthavenue.com

Coach genuine leather wallet
$218 - coach.com 

$15 - egofaces.com

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