Monday, March 5, 2012

Painting the Carpet/Town Red

It's probably every girl's dream to be pampered, jeweled, and wear the latest gown to grace a red carpet such as the Oscars. There is a lot of planning that goes into these looks, involving picking the right gown and makeup. The same planning goes into a special night on the town, an evening gala, or ball. To make it really simple and less of a headache on yourself,  it's probably best to get a simple black dress. Every girl should have the LBD/SBD (little black dress or simple black dress) in their closet for nights like this. With the right accessories and makeup you take that SBD and make it glamorous in no time.

Ego Faces Luxury Matte lipstick in Red Carpet should be a staple color in every woman's makeup bag. It's a gorgeous red color that isn't too overpowering, but still makes a statement.  Achieving this look is very quick and easy and ladies we're all about the quick and easy. Check out how to get this look on the The Take A Look II post.  So whether it's a special night on the town, a day in the office, or a red carpet event, Red Carpet will be a go-to color for the season.

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