Sunday, October 16, 2011

Discarding Make up !!!?

So last week I went through my stash of make up and realized that I haven't cleaned it out in a long, long time. I had products that turn different colors, consistency was different, I mean it was scary to think I was going to put this stuff on my skin.

Did you know, make up comes with an expiration date?  A date, which is not written on the packaging. There are a few tell-tale signs you should be aware of just the same for instance liquid  foundation turning clumpy, thick or extra runny.

Unfortunately, there isn’t a “one-size-fits-all” solution to determine when you should dump your color cosmetics because that’s decided in large part  by the product’s formulation and the method in which you store them which should always be in a cool, dry place. Because cosmetics manufacturers aren’t under a U.S. mandate to display expiration dates on their packaging, you’re then left with the task of following  loose guidelines given out to us by these same manufacturers concerning the toss schedule of your products.

So here is a list to help you out with  tossing out products that's past its expiration date:

Liquid and cream foundation: 2 years
Concealer: 2 years
Powder: 2 years
Mascara: 6 months
Lipstick: 12 to 18 months
Lip and eye pencils: 12 to 18 months
Eye shadow: 2 years
Powder blush: 2 years
Cream blush: 2 years
Moisturizer: 2 years
Eye Cream: 6 months
Sunscreen: 2 years
Face cream: 2 years
Note: Dirty makeup brushes carry bacteria so clean them regularly to extend the life of your makeup.


  1. Wow, I definitely have things that are way older than this - mostly pressed powder things like blush and eye shadow. I bought that sanitizing spray, and I wash my brushes regularly. I have so much makeup, and I really don't think I'll ever hit pan on anything sometimes, haha. So therefore, I really hate to throw things out. But perhaps I should give my collection another look.

  2. @Jenn Staz Yeah it's amazing how long we hold on to make up. I had an 88 palatte that I haven't touch in years and realized it had to get thrown out. My Mac Foundation Stick, I had a for almost 2 years or more, I wore it and it turned an orange color really quickly when I wore it, so that had to go. Take a look at your stash and do a cleaning. Thanks you for following.